Nosh and a Tower of Mushrooms

Day 2 starts with a planned “sleep in” until 6:30. This actually means nothing to me because my body has no concept of time zones; it knows when I’ve had 5-7 hours of sleep and I wake up. Period. So, in this case, my planned sleep-in was foiled when I wake up at 4:30. I decide at this point that I’m not going to eat until dinner out of fear of being sick.

I spend most of my day shuffling kids around, running team errands, sitting on a hot pool deck, and dealing with drama, which only gets worse as the day progresses. The climax comes around 5pm and it’s spectacular. By this time I am so hungry that it’s time to escape and go back to Broadway.

I decide to try Nosh. It gets raves on the Foodie blogs… and the Bloggers don’t disappoint. It’s here that I find the curry dip and homemade yam/beet chips that save the weekend. These miracle chips quell exhaustion, meltdowns, and drama. I later discover that their garlic hummus shares the same superpower.


I wasn’t alone for the meal and the appetizer mysteriously disappears as I talk to a friend… as though inhaled by a ghostly apparition.

Next was the arrival of the tower of mushrooms; a.k.a the mushroom steak with roasted vegetables and red wine sauce. The consistency of these was exactly like a steak. And, the red wine sauce looked like blood. Great presentation. This too vanished rather quickly and mysteriously. Especially the brussels sprouts, which don’t taste like brussels sprouts.


And, once again, with a full belly, I do some more exploring. There are other things in Saskatoon to discover: like cute little houses and flour factories. Now I know where Robin Hood flour comes from.




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