Gelling, Coffee, and Snow

I got very little sleep before Day 3. It seems that being at a swim meet dredges up a lot of old swimming anxiety for me. Whatever. Sleep is overrated.

The day started at 5am with hair gelling. This is the part of synchro that is not pleasant for any who are involved (the gel-er or the gel-ee). Many a hotel and swimming pool bathroom have been wrecked this way. The gelling went surprisingly fast and before anyone could say “routine” the girls were off to the pool for their competition.


And, after gooping up a bunch of little heads, I head back to Broadway to try out a coffee shop I saw on one of my journeys through town: Cafe Museo. It sounds so much like Cafe Musette that I decide to give it a try. The coffee is beyond fantastic and they have gluten-free bars. Forget roses and chocolate, this is all I need for Mother’s Day.




The day is a swirl of routines, pineapple juice (to remove the gel… that’s how you remove it from hair), Kermit the frog cupcakes (it was his birthday), and driving around. Before we knew it, it was time to go back to Calgary.

The flight back to Calgary is quick but bumpy. Little prop planes get bounced around a lot in the atmosphere. There’s a reason for it too: it seems a storm was brewing over the city. We flew through it just before it hit. There’s nothing like a good spring storm to mess up a city. Our flight and the girl’s flight were the only two to make it in on time.


This wasn’t the only surprise waiting for us in Calgary. The below little ditty was waiting for us when we got home. Yep… that’s laminate… in the kitchen. This circa 1978 original was hiding under the flooring in our kitchen and is now hanging around until we can get a number of things settled and fixed. Being an adult can be so much fun.


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  1. We had the exact same design in our kitchen in 1982 and it still looks god awful. Our cat was such a style snob she would leave little “gifts” on it on a regular basis which would unfortunately blend perfectly with the colour.

  2. Unfortunately, we have learned that that type of flooring may contain asbestos and it is best to not touch it… and just floor over. So, in terms of “gifts,” this one just keeps giving.

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