Indian Wells

Indian Wells was a trial destination for us. Trial because I hate resorts. I don’t like sitting around doing anything and wasting a day on a pool deck. I did that for years as a lifeguard and it’s hard for me to not watch the pool and evaluate people’s swimming ability.

But, I have been told by my daughter (who is well on the way to becoming a teenager) that we do too much on the weekends and it’s time to relax, sleep in, and do nothing. So, here we are at a resort in Palm Springs and I am forcing myself to do nothing but sit by a pool deck. She was pissed that we got up at 8am to do this. Apparently, I missed the point.

Thus far, I have sat for 30 minutes and forced myself to not write an article for some magazine/blog/conference/community, or check my email, or plan an extensive day filled with tours, or look for photo subjects, or work out… I’m here to relax and read.

I have done neither… because I’m writing a blog post.

In my boredom, I can’t help but make human observations. There are the people who got up at 6:30 to put towels on their poolside chair (later note: on Day 2 a different group of people were up at 5am to put towels on the same chairs, much to the consternation of the Day 1 group). There are the women who were up at 9:00 talking about how pissed they were that people did that. There are the people watchers and the tanners who are bored (we recognize each other). There are the stylish posers, and the preeners, and the loud talkers…

It doesn’t matter which resort/pool/spa you are at, the people are different but they all do the same thing. And, that’s why I hate resorts.

The good news is by noon on the first day, La Niña came over to me (just as I was falling asleep) and said I’m done. Let’s go do something interesting. Fantastic!

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