The Living Desert Zoo

After our day of boredom at the pool, we decided to try something interesting like feeding giraffes in the desert. This can be done at the Living Desert Zoo in Palm Springs, where not only do they have a herd of giraffe, but also tons of other different desert species of animals.

The giraffe feeding is a highlight. It happens twice a day and can include any combination of the herd. In our case, we were joined by a mother and her baby… likely the baby born at the zoo in April.

The giraffe herd at the Living Desert include four males and two females. A different female from the one we saw, Tuli, gave birth to a male calf a week before our visit; she and her baby are already roaming the savannah but are still shy so we did not get to see either of the two of them.

The little guy we fed reminded me a bit of a puppy. He was easily distracted and would run off to chase the ostriches who share the savannah space with the giraffes. Then he would come back to get a “treat” (carrots) before running off again. Here’s a video of a cute baby giraffe playing in San Diego.

We also enjoyed the lizard show, which is given once a day… the African farm and petting zoo (where goats love to be brushed), and looking at zebras, leopards, foxes, birds, turtles, deer, a cheetah, camels, mountain sheep, and meerkats showing off their crazy superman-posing antics.

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