Boston: Favourite 4 Coffee Shops

It was really really easy to find good coffee in Boston. Perhaps it was the part of town that I worked in (Seaport) but the difficult decision every day was “where do I want my coffee from today?” First world problem. But, I will say that this is a rare problem and on most projects, there are only one or two places that really shine.

Caffè Nero – 368 Congress Steet


This was my favourite stop for the first coffee of the day; for some reason, their coffee really packed a punch.

The atmosphere is super mellow with a fireplace, comfy chairs, booths for working, and free wifi (from the Marriott). On weeks when I was in a crappy hotel I would leave the hotel super early in the morning and sit in Caffè Nero and write until it was time to go to work.

Barrington Coffee – 346 Congress Street


Barrington is next to Caffè Nero and it’s my choice for the second coffee of the day. Their roasts are lighter and caramelly. This is a high-class grab-and-go coffee shop. There’s not a lot in the way of sitting or working space and there’s no wifi.

And, if you’re wanting to grab a non-gf bite to eat, try the gruyere bacon scone. But, you need to get there early because they go fast.


Clover Food Lab – 27 School Street


This is the only coffee shop I’ve ever been to where my arrival was announced… by a herald… and it didn’t feel weird. Perhaps it was because I asked if I could take a photo.

This is a pour-over coffee shop and a food lab; so, no lattes or cappuccinos… just pour over with tons of working space. This seemed like an ultra-hip student hangout where you can find good vegan food and free wifi.

Thinking Cup


This place is super warm, welcoming and cozy. It was also the first coffee shop I went to that didn’t have a “demographic”; meaning it wasn’t a student hangout or a business hangout or a mommy group hangout. There was a whole variety of people from all walks of life enjoying a bite and a good coffee.

Of all the coffee shops, this was my favourite. The food was gf and good (not bland), the coffee expertly prepared, and the atmosphere warm and bookish with a “game” playing in the back. If I lived in Boston, this would be my choice writing destination.


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