I have one final gallery to show from Napoli. But before showing the gallery I want to re-iterate what I said in my first post: either you love or you hate Napoli. The inter webs are divided, passionate, opinionated, and confused about the Napoli experience.

The experience is raw and really unfettered by tourism. If you’re used to a pre-planned and pre-fabricated travel experience then there will be shock.

However, one thing I’ve learned from years and years of travel is that even in the middle of a gigantic mess there is beauty. And, it will be an unexpected beauty, which is often the best kind.

I have refused in all these posts to call the city “Naples” because as one local explained, calling the city “Naples” is like showing up in New York and calling it “Nuovo Yorko.” That’s not it’s name. The name of the city is Napoli.

Enjoy my final photos!