This is Vermont!

It’s time to knock another state off the “states we’ve visited” list. In the map below, the blue states are the states we’ve visited (22 complete)… the grey we have not (28 remaining).

Vermont is a quick weekend jaunt from Montréal… and different enough for it to feel like you’ve left Canada. The objective of our trip was to “find bizarre things in small-town America.” I’d say we were successful. Here’s the map of our journey.

We drove across the border thinking we’d be able to eat at Whole Foods, do some shopping at Target, visit some of the places we miss from our time in California… and to our chagrin, we discovered that none of these things exist in Vermont.

The people of Vermont protect their rugged, wild, earthy, small-town America existence with passion! This means farmer’s markets, old houses converted into businesses, local organic grocery stores, and friendly waves from everyone you pass on the backroads.

I will say that it’s a lot more rugged than I expected for an old East coast state (1791). Many of the roads are dirt (some were paths through the woods) and there were plenty of “I’m glad we have a Jeep” moments as we passed through muddy, icy, mountainous areas. In hindsight, we should have brought knee-high Wellington boots and not ankle-high winter boots.

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