Four states in two days — A whirlwind tour of the Eastern US

Why would we want to drive through four states in two days, you ask? Well…

We had this crazy need to see the ocean to reset our brains. Plus, it was spring break and it seems to be a mandatory thing for families to go somewhere during the school break and Instagram about it (sarcasm).

Realistically, this trip would help us knock 2-more states off our bucket list and get us closer to becoming a member of the “All Fifty States Club.”

The day one plan was to drive through New York and Vermont to get to New Hampshire. On day two we’d drive through parts of Maine and head back to Québec through New Hampshire.

It seems like a lofty goal, but we like road trips and sitting for long periods at a time (sarcasm).

We probably could have knocked off more states, but we knew we were working against the COVID-19 clock so we cut our losses and added New Hampshire and Maine to the list of visited states.

The count is now 25! We are at the halfway point and need to start visiting more inner states!

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