On one rainy Saturday morning, we stepped out on our balcony in Paris and discovered that somehow, quietly and magically, a sea of rain tarps stretching as far as the eye could see appeared along Boulevard Haussmann overnight. These tarps were covering one of Paris’s famed marché aux puces (flea markets).


And, try as I might, I searched high and low in both English et en français, and I couldn’t find any information about this particular marché aux puces. As such, I have nothing to say other than we meandered the market for quite a while looking for oddities and curiosities. We found plenty of both.


Photos from the market are below and a an added bonus, I’ve shared my current travel playlist (don’t judge). I’d build one to stream snippets but most of the sharing/streaming/buying tools out there are remarkably terrible… still. It’s 2016 and tune providers still can’t produce something that’s easy to use, share snippets, and doesn’t look like it was designed by some big guy named Dave with a greasy pony tail and stained Slackware t-shirt (you peeps in IT know what I’m talking about because everyone has a “Dave” on their team).

Chansons de voyage / Canciones de viaje

» Tell ‘Em – Sleigh Bells
» Stressed Out – Twenty One Pilots
» Salto – Alex Skolnick
» Rill Rill – Sleigh Bells
» Beauty and a Beat – Justin Beiber
» Dancing Queen – ABBA
» All Right (feat. Chelsey Green & ) – Carolyn Malachi
» Palmflowerblack – Mantrakid
» Patience – Guns ‘n Roses
» Alla La’Ke – Alex Skolnick
» Try – P!nk
» Don’t Tell Me How To Live – Monster Truck
» We Will Rock You – Vitamin String Quartet
» Garde l’equilibre (feat. Indila) – H Magnum
» Seek and Destroy – Chuck Billy & Jake E. Lee
» Keep Holding On – Boyce Avenue
» Dog Days are Over – Florence & the Machine
» Let Her Go – Passenger
» Space Oddity – David Bowie