The land of “no can do”

On spent Tuesday in the land of “no can do.” This made the day very unproductive but in the end, I discovered some really great workarounds and solutions.

The first problem is a work-related one: I’m attempting to build a product management wall and the big, huge wall that we are to use has some sort of waxy substance on it that nothing sticks to. More specifically, things will stick to it for about a minute and then they fall off… even our dividing lines. Ever see a strip of masking tape just detach itself from the wall? It’s really creepy.

So, working through the team backlog with the team was like playing whack-a-mole. We tried all manner of tape and looked all over town for blu-tack (no luck); eventually, our cards began to become unreadable because of the tape and gunk picked up from the floor (after falling off the wall). The solution was something I’ve never encountered before: gorilla tape.


This stuff can hold up to 15 lbs to a wall and… giant pieces of paper attached to a wall covered in a waxy substance. I’m now worried that the paint might come off the wall when we try and move anything. The outcome: we papered the wall and now we can plan.

Next problem… finding restaurants.

It’s not because there is a lack of dining establishments in the area where I am working. It’s because I am often a single diner. I’ve discovered that many restaurants won’t allow one person in… it has to be two or more. And generally, you need a reservation. Maybe this is a summer thing but walking around trying to find a restaurant is unproductive and takes away my evening time.




This has driven me to eat street food. Unfortunately, the food trucks vacate after lunch-ish (you can still catch them for a late lunch). I need to get to know the area better.

But, I did manage to find a lovely little street food restaurant: Tavern Road. It’s not “street food” as in food truck / cart / vendor / bin. It’s a restaurant that is part of the “street food revolution” and has a menu inspired by cart food from around the world. And, this is where my Canon Rebel really shines: dark interior, difficult to focus, food photos.


I’ll be exploring this menu for a while.

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