I thought I’d never get to see the inside of this little firehall. It’s only open on Saturdays and for a very short period of time (11-5). Likely because it is run by volunteers. The engines are also frequently out on loan to special events.

But, on one sunny Monday afternoon, I happened upon the firehall when it was open. I think there was a private tour and I totally took the opportunity to sneak in, poke around, and take a few photos.

The firehall on Congress was built in 1891 to serve the Fort Point warehouse district. During this time, the fire trucks were horse drawn and the hall had stables incorporated into the back of building. This ended in 1917 when all horse drawn trucks were replaced by a motorized vehicle.

Some cool things things to see in the Firehall: Boston #1 (a.k.a. the Thayer), the city’s first rolling Fire truck (1792); Fountain Engine #3, one of the city’s first suction engines (1835), and “The Plum” (1926).

Half of these photos are taken with a Powershot SX280HS and the other half with my cell phone. My blogging with a Powershot came to an abrupt end when the camera stopped working.