Shamu, shamu, everything is Shamu. We have a little stuffed Shamu doll that goes everywhere, does everything, and is the centre of most conversations. Up until last week he was relatively anonymous — and the general thought was: why do we want to go see a big fish in a park?

A day later La Niña enjoyed SeaWorld more than the Zoo. There were crazy penguins, polar bears, rides, the shark tunnel, playing dolphins, silly seals, slippery rays, Shamu, and so much more.

The greatest thing ever was Sesame Street play park, which, unlike the Calgary Zoo, had one entrance and one exit — and once in you couldn’t go back out the entrance. So, little miss La Niña could play and play and play and play and run run run to exhaustion without me worrying she would be off visiting the penguins while I waited at one of seven random play park exits.

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