Vij’s Railway Express, Vancouver

A splash of colour, Hindi music, and a man walking around with a silver tray handing out bread… most Vancouverites know of Vij’s Restaurant and have at least once in their life stood in line anticipating the delicacies that await on the other side of a long wait. In a recent travel magazine, I read of one man who regularly flies to Asia and plans his flights via Vancouver with a stopover long enough for a meal at Vij’s.

What many Vancouverites don’t know is that there is a Vij’s Foodtruck that periodically parks on West Georgia between Thurlow and Burrard. The location of this truck varies and the only way to know their exact location is to follow the Railway Express on Twitter.

When I told some of my co-workers that they could eat Vij’s street food out of organic compostable dishes for less than $15, it created a furor and for lunch, we headed en mass over to the truck. My favourite is their gluten-free option: Garam Masala Beef Curry, which I can’t seem to get enough of.

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