The Last Flight

Ok… so… it’s true. I’m leaving my ridiculously amazing travelling gig to take something local in Montréal. There will be travel; but, a different kind of travel that is done at a sustainable pace (hopefully).

It feels weird. This site will definitely evolve.

Montréal is not a bad place to land and there are a lot of great things happening here. For one, the Canadian brain drain is reversing. For the first time in my 20-year-ish career, I’m seeing the flow of brainpower into a Canadian city… and it’s my city.

I’m actually one of these people. I’ll no longer be feeding into the success of Silicon Valley and cities like Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. I will be feeding my energy and brainpower into Canada… into a Canadian company.

On Monday, I took what I hope will be my last flight for a while… to Washington D.C. of all places.

Thankfully, the destination wasn’t D.C. because who in their right mind wants to go to D.C. anymore?

It was Virginia… quintessential suburban America… a place where bedroom communities are surrounded by green, strip malls, prefabricated town centres, and a plethora of Whole Foods grocery stores.

The whole thing was anti-climatic.

The flight out, however, was a disaster. It seems only fitting that the last flight be on United… an airline that can’t make things work even when the Gods throw rainbows and unicorns into their lap.

As a constant-sorry-saying Canadian I’m tired of hearing United say “sorry” at every step and turn. United: stop saying you’re sorry a hundred-million times a day and just get your shit together!

I won’t miss the weekly jaunts on the hot-mess shitshow that is the airline industry.

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