St. Peters Church, Cambridge

I loved this quiet little church but neglected to write about it while in Cambridge. It’s another “visit-the-neighbours-to-see-who-has-the-key” church — much like the Leper Church of St. Mary Magdalene. In this particular case, the key can be found at the Kettle’s Yard (bring a £10 deposit).

Officially, this is St. Peters Church, but locals and guides sometimes refer to this as the Merman Church because of the mermen carved around the doorway (sorry – no pic). The merman archway is the only link to its 11th-century Saxon past, the rest of the church was rebuilt in the 1700s.

As you wander around the church to look at its amazing trees, it’s easy to forget you are in a bustling part of Cambridge (and not the English countryside). Inside is a single room and plenty of tranquillity if you are looking to escape Castle Street.

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