Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver has seen a facelift because of the 2010 Olympics. The airport is ordered, spotless, and full of interesting art. The waterfront area is marked by unique art and buildings. The Skytrain looks shiny and new. There’s now a massive and hugely bright TV screen in Yaletown, which people in the hotel across the street say make it impossible to sleep.

Vancouver’s a whole new city. It’s shiny… like a pretty penny.

However, there is one thing that still remains that has always impressed me about the city: it’s fitness friendly. Biking, running, roller blading, kayaking, etc… Vancouver has it in spades. Even on snow days I saw people out running, on their bikes, and in their kayaks. Biking happens year around with some hotels having bikes for rent (e.g. the Opus). At every twist and turn I saw flyers for runs, running clubs, and fitness challenges.

Vancouver is also the third largest film production centre in the world. In a one week period I saw sets for one movie and an episode of Fringe. For the Fringe episode, signs showed up in various buildings around Yaletown the morning of filming and hours later people in 40s clothing were wandering around BC Place.

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