Sonoma Canopy Tours (a.k.a. Ziplining)

For this episode of the Daring Adventures summer theme, little Miss La Niña chose ziplining. There’s no need to fuss about her choosing something “so dangerous,” because this isn’t her first flight. In fact, she spent an entire week this summer at Sanborn County Park learning about ziplining, rappelling, and doing their high ropes course.

This particular activity was a hard one to plan out because there are very definitive restrictions on age, height and weight that need to be adhered to. The biggest challenge for us is the weight. The required weight for most places is 75lbs, which is exactly what La Niña weighs. But the challenge comes with the weigh-in… if we drive out to a destination and on weight-in, the scale is slightly off/low, then we are refused and have to turn around and head back.

Because of this, we opted to go with a longer drive to experience Sonoma Canopy Tours because their weight requirement is 70lbs and there is no weight-in.

Sonoma Canopy Tours is located 30-minutes outside of Santa Rosa in the midst of California’s Coastal Redwoods. The course is comprised of 7-flights, a rappel, and two sky bridges. Throughout our 2.5 hour tour learned about the ecosystem, trees, and tons of interesting outdoorsy facts. Who knew that the presence of Old Man’s Beard (Usnea) on the trees means the air quality is good (no pollution) or that you can eat it (tasted really bitter).

I have nothing but awesome things to say about Canopy Tours. This is one of those Memorable Moments that ranks up there with our all time favourite: Dog Sledding.

You can check out our experience for yourselves (password: flight)

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